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Important Message from the SNRS President

On behalf of the Board of Directors and all members of Southern Nursing Research ‎Society (SNRS), I encourage you to participate in the advancement of nursing ‎research in the southern region of the United States. Our Society welcomes all nurses ‎who are curious and seek to improve the health of our population through careful ‎investigation and excellent application of nursing research in practice. We believe that ‎all nurses, by virtue of their education and experience, have research ideas that can be ‎nurtured and investigated to improve health care and answer basic questions about ‎nursing care. We include nurses from all specialties, clinical foci, and at all levels of ‎the inquiry spectrum ranging from exploratory research to clinical trials to applications ‎in practice. ‎

SNRS has 10 Research Interest Groups (RIGs) where specialty focused research ‎discussion occurs as well as opportunities for mentoring and mentorship, grant ‎funding, and publications through our affiliated journal, Research in Nursing and ‎Health, and our online newsletter, Southern Connections. Our annual conference ‎highlights the outstanding research conducted by our members. We have active ‎student members who participate fully in all parts of our organization and have ‎opportunities for presentations, publications, and mentorship. ‎

We hope that you will join us and engage in dialogue with the members of SNRS to ‎help us identify how nursing research can change the health of individuals, families, ‎communities, organizations, and the general population. We want members who will ‎help us identify needed change and positive solutions to the health problems of our ‎region, nation, and world.‎

With warm welcome and best wishes,‎
Elizabeth Reifsnider PhD, RN, FAANP, FAAN
President, Southern Nursing Research Society ‎