Community Public Health/Health Promotion

Welcome from Jean W. Davis, Chair of the Community Public Health/Health Promotion Research Interest Group

Our RIG mission is to support nurses and their work to enhance community public health/ health promotion (CPH/HP) research aimed at informing nursing science, practice, education, and policy. We offer networking opportunities, peer support, and inspiration. We encourage everyone to participate.

We welcome all interested parties to our RIG –researchers, clinicians, academicians, and students. Be sure to join the RIG by logging into the new SNRS member portal and choosing the Community Public Health/Health Promotion RIG to join. There is no fee to participate in our RIG activities, and you can join up to one RIG without additional charge as part of your SNRS membership.

Instructions for signing in to the new SNRS member portal and joining this RIG are located at the bottom of this page.

RIG Goals and Plans for 2021 – 2022:

Goals for 2021-2022 affirmed by RIG members at the 2021 annual meeting include:

  1.  Creating a membership roster to foster communication and networking amongst our members once everyone has joined/rejoined the RIG in the new SNRS membership portal.
  2. Highlight the accomplishments and work of our members using SNRS communication outlets including e-mails to the RIG members, webinar meetings, and the annual meeting.
  3. Search for and appoint a co-chair and upcoming chair for the RIG to ensure smooth leadership succession and future planning.


Chair: Jean W. Davis

Dr. Jean Davis’ research in the field of community health promotion was inspired from a young age, having grown up listening to her aunt and mom, both nurses, solve community health problems. Her research focus includes physical activity persistence for healthy longevity and risk reduction, physical activity habit formation, health-enhancing physical activity, and exercise as an alternative to medicine to improve health outcomes. Her populations of interest include Black birthing people, able-bodied and disabled Veterans, and cancer survivors.

A board-certified family nurse practitioner and public health/community clinical nurse specialist Jean has nearly two decades of clinical experience and leadership positions in the field, including hospitals, private practice, community clinics, and nursing education. She is also a national Jonas Veterans Healthcare Scholar alumna.

In addition to her faculty appointment at the UCF College of Nursing, Jean serves as a volunteer family nurse practitioner and public/community health nurse specialist for vulnerable populations regionally and globally.

Contact Information:

Jean W. Davis, Ph.D., DNP, EdD, APRN, FNP-BC, PHCNS-BC
University of Central Florida College of Nursing
12201 Research Parkway, Ste. 300
Orlando FL 32826

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