Welcome to the Aging/Gerontology RIIG

The Aging/Gerontology Research Interest and Implementation Group (RIIG) is committed to facilitating the advancement of research for the care of older individuals. We recognize the importance of the nurse scientist’s role in providing older adults with high quality care through knowledge gained by research. More and more people are living longer, resulting in an unprecedented increase in the population of older adults in the United States and throughout the industrialized world. As the numbers of aged increase, so does the need for new and innovative approaches to guide and promote the care of healthy, chronically ill, and frail older people. We provide a forum for nurses and other healthcare providers interested in networking in the Southern Region of the U.S. to meet and connect, share information, promote best practices, identify nursing leadership, and link these together to build capacity for advancing the care of older adults.

Chair: Ladda Thiamwong, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor

Ladda Thiamwong has spent most of her career and research on healthy aging, fall prevention in older adults, and aging education. Her research has been published and presented both nationally and internationally. She is the lead developer of technology-based fall risk assessments and a physio-feedback exercise program that seek to prevent falls and improve the fear of falling in ethnically diverse older adults. In her native Thailand, she developed a healthy aging model, healthy aging instrument, and fall risk assessment test for community-dwelling older adults. She is a co-convener of the Gerontological Society of America-Aging Among Asians (GSA-AAA) interest group. At the local level, she shares her expertise as a member of the City of Orlando Mayor’s Committee on Livability and Healthy Aging and the Disability, Aging, and Technology Faculty Research Cluster at the University of Central Florida.

Co-Chair: Eunice Ojo, DNP, RN, CV-BC, PCCN

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Eunice Ojo is a Ph.D. nursing student at the University of Central Florida, Orlando Florida. Her research areas are focused on 1) Technology-based fall risk assessment and interventions among older adults and 2) Health disparities in fall prevention among cognitively impaired and minority older adults. As a young researcher with a great desire to advance in nursing research, Eunice was awarded the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship in July 2022 for the Ph.D. program. In pursuit of her dream which she has nurtured since growing up in high school, she received a grant award from Theta Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International to conduct a study on Technology-based fall risk assessments among older adults with Alzheimer’s disease” in her first year of the Ph.D. program. She is successfully working on this study including a presentation of the findings at the 2024 Southern Nursing Research Society (SNRS) conference in Charlotte NC. Eunice is a Mentee of Administrative Supplement for Mentorship and Enhancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) in the Biomedical Sciences (R01MD018025) under the mentorship of Dr. Ladda Thiamwong where she’s involved in data collection and publication. Eunice takes scholarship seriously which she demonstrates through research and presentations at local, national, and international nursing conferences and publication of research outcomes. She demonstrates and promotes academic excellence and integrity in her work and with the students she supports as a graduate teaching assistant. She is committed to mentoring nursing students, especially minority individuals who are currently underrepresented in the nursing workforce, and supporting young nurses in the US and Nigeria.

RIIG Awards and Eligibility Criteria

The overall purposes of the Aging/Gerontology Research Interest and Implementation Group (RIIG) awards are to recognize excellence in gerontological nursing research and to provide recognition for the work performed by our RIIG members. At the request of our RIIG members, we have added two awards this year. We encourage those that meet the criteria (following) to apply.

Criteria for Evaluating Applications:

  • Progression in their program (publications, presentations, completed pilot work, success in receiving funding).
  • The theoretical underpinnings and methodology used to examine the problem addressed in this study, including: Innovativeness of the methodology or theoretical approach.
  • Potential for establishing a program of research in gerontological science.
  • The potential impact of the program of research for understanding a clinical problem.

I. Rising Investigator Award

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognize the contribution of a rising investigator who has conducted gerontological nursing research that has the potential to enhance the science and practice of gerontological nursing. Read more…

II. Distinguished Dissertation Award

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognize the contribution of a rising student-investigator who is conducting a dissertation in the area of gerontological nursing research that has the potential to enhance the science and practice of gerontological nursing. Read more…

III. Excellence in Geriatric Nursing Research Mid-Career Award

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognize the contribution of a mid-career investigator who has conducted gerontological nursing research that enhances the science and practice of gerontological nursing. Read more…

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