Qualitative Methods and Philosophies

Hermeneutics and Nursing Research: History, Processes, and Exemplar
Mario R. Ortiz, RN, PhD, PHCNS-BC

Postmodern Philosophies of Science: Pathways to Nursing Reality
Tom Rodriguez, PhD, RN, ANP-C, PMHCNS-BC
Joseph A. Kotarba, PhD

Unpacking Heideggerian Phenomenology
Tracy McConnell-Henry, RN, BN
Ysanne Chapman, PhD, RN
Karen Francis, RN, PhD

Heuristic Inquiry: Artistic Science for Nursing
Gayle L. Casterline, PhD, RN, CNE

Qualitative Methods and Applications

Rooms, Recording, and Responsibilities: The Logistics of Focus Groups
Jennifer Gray, RN, PhD

Using Focus Groups to Explore Expectations of Open-Heart Patients
Kristy Chunta, ACNS, BC, CMC

The Use of Phenomenological Inquiry by the Nurse Practitioner to Understand Clinical Problems
Susan Porterfield, RN, PhD

Using Data from a Qualitative Study of Adolescent Fatherhood to Create Population-Specific Operational Definitions for the Kinscripts Conceptual Framework
Constance M. Dallas, PhD, RN
Karen Kavanaugh, PhD, RN
Barbara Dancy, PhD, RN
Kathleen Norr, PhD
Linda Cassata, PhD, RN

Qualitative Methods in Research

Employment Patterns of a Subgroup of Rural African-American Women Who Abuse Cocaine
Emma J. Brown, PhD, APRN-BC, FAAN

The Process of Transitioning Across Levels of Care Among Severely Injured Workers
Cindy Grandjean, PhD, MGA, CRNP
Janice Agazio, PhD, CRNP
Patricia McMullen, PhD, JD, CRNP
William Howie, MS, CRNA
Mary Paterson, PhD, MSN
Richard Dutton, MPH, MD
Pennapa Unsanit, MS, RN
Benjawan Ekasingh, MSN, RN
Natthapat Buaboon, MSN, RN

Living Alone in Community and Over 85 Years Old: A Case Study
Diana M. Pierini, RN, BSN
Deborah L. Volker, RN, PhD, AOCN

Dilemmas in Witnessing Elder Abuse in Caregiving Situations: A Family Member Perspective
Christen Erlingsson, PhD, RN
Sharon L. Carlson, PhD, RN, CNS
Sture Astrom, PhD, RNT
Britt-Inger Saveman, PhD, RNT, FEANS

Other Original Research

Recovering from Intimate Partner Violence
Mary R. Boyd, PhD, RN
Kathleen Scharer, PhD, RN
Beverly Baliko, PhD, RN
Marlene Mackey, PhD, RN

The Use of the Solomon Four-Group Design in Nursing Research
Thayer W. McGahee, PhD, RN
Martha S. Tingen, PhD, RN

Building Evidence for the Development of Clinical Reasoning Using a Rating Tool with the Outcome-Present State-Test (OPT) Model
Donald Kautz, PhD, RN
RuthAnne Kuiper, PhD, RN
Robin Bartlett, PhD, RN, BC
Raymond Buck, PhD
Randy Williams, MSN/MBA, RN
Phyllis Knight-Brown, MSN, RN