Call for Student Volunteers – Committees & Task Forces

We are seeking student and post-doctoral CANS members to fill open positions on a standing committee or task force. The committees (and task forces) are described and the nomination form is attached.  Committees/Task Forces will be chaired by members of CANS.

The Committees and Task Forces are:

Committee Terms:  2 years.  Terms begin February 1st, 2017 to run through December 31st, 2018. 

Task Forces:  Short term:  Begin immediately and complete work by the summer.

___      Finance Committee (1 student or post-doctoral member; chaired by Councilor of Finance and Records). This committee will review monthly accounting statements, contracts, assist in the preparation of the annual budget, and develop financial policies and procedures.

___      Program Committee (1 student or post-doctoral member; chaired by Councilor-At-Large). This committee will be responsible for overseeing all programmatic activities of the Council including conferences, webinars, and other Council activities.  (Note:  there will be separate conference planning committees established based on themes of the conferences).

___      Science Committee (2 student or post-doctoral member; chaired by Chair-Elect).  This committee will provide recommendations to the Council, Academy, funding agencies, and other key stakeholders to influence national science policy, identify research priorities and issues relevant to knowledge development in nursing and health care, and provide expert opinion on scientific training and career development needs and issues.

___      Task Forces.  These task forces will provide action plans to implement the new strategic directions of the Council.   Membership on these ad hoc groups or Task Forces will be approved by the Council.

                        ___ Membership Services

                        ___ Communications

**Please send the following three separate Microsoft Word documents to

All of these documents are required as part of the application, and incomplete applications will not be considered:

1) This document, with your committee/task force selection(s) marked with an “X”

2) A one-two page resume

  • CV and/or NIH Biosketch (.doc, .docx,  or pdf)

3) Candidate statement noting any past experience serving on committees in professional organizations – 200 word limit

Thank you for your interest in serving in these leadership positions!