Welcome from Erin Booth.

Erin Booth is the current Chair of the Parent-Child RIG. Her research interest is in self efficacy and self management in parents of children with Cystic Fibrosis. Erin is a doctoral candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia.

The purpose of this RIG is to provide a forum for researchers at every level of career development with an interest in understanding and improving health and family functioning from the prenatal period through adolescence. We welcome diversity in interest and methodological approaches in order to serve our membership by proving opportunities for collaboration, peer support and mentoring and notification of funding and training opportunities.

We met at 2014 Annual SNRS Conference and discussed the following:

  1. What RIG members want out of RIG
    1. Mentoring Opportunities
    2. Webinars
    3. List of members areas of expertise/interest
    4. Publishing  and funding opportunities
  2. Marge Miles Student Award
  3. Reviewed how RIG can help with communication
    1. Let chair know about funding/publishing opportunities and can be send out to list-serve
  4. Ideas for Symposia
    1. Health Disparities
    2. Father/Child
    3. Methods  (observational, video, bio-behavioral)
    4. Recruitment/Retention of ethnic/under represented/underserved