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SNRS Annual Conference Program Committee The Program Committee is responsible for the overall direction of the Society's Annual Conference. 
SNRS Awards Committee The Awards Committee reviews applications and recommends recipients for Society member recognition awards; review current member recognition awards program and advise Governing Board regarding establishment of new Society awards and other enhancements; monitor the review of student posters for awards. 
SNRS Bylaws and Policy & Procedures Committee The Bylaws and Policy/ Procedures Committee is responsible for reviewing the Bylaws and the Policies and Procedures Manual of the Society and make recommendations for revisions according to established procedures. 
SNRS Communications Committee The Communications Committee has oversight for all Society communications through e-blast, website, newsletters and SOJNR. 
SNRS Development Committee The purpose of the Development Committee is to generate non-dues revenue to support expansion of SNRS' small grants program and other strategic initiatives. 
SNRS Finance Committee The Finance Committee assists the Treasurer with development of the yearly budget of the Society and conduct an internal review of the budget at least annually. 
SNRS Grants Committee The Grants Committee provides oversight of the Society's grants program, reviews applications and recommends recipients for Society grants. 
SNRS Membership Committee The Membership Committee, which is made up of the State Liaisons, assists in recruitment and orientation of new members; communication activities between the Board and members through data gathering and sharing with the membership on issues and items of concert; and collecting news items for inclusion in the Newsletter. 
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SNRS Succession Planning and Nominations Committee