Special Issue: Aging

Work of “Retired” Farmers Over Age 50
Katharine D. Winter, MPH
Deborah B. Reed, PhD, RN
Susan Westneat, MA

Health and Function of Older Persons Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity
Janet Witucki Brown, RN, PhD
Linda Mefford, RN, PhD
Shu-li Chen, RN, PhD
Bonnie Callen, RN, PhD
Allie Brown, RN, MSN

Perceived Cardiac Risk among Older, High-Risk Black and White Women
Leanne L. Lefler, PhD, ACNS-BC, APN

Frailty and Other Emerging Concepts in Care of the Aged
Deborah Lekan, MSN, RNC

An Integrative Review of the Impact of COPD on Families
Anne H. Boyle, RN, PhD, CNE

Data Collection Order: A Primer
T. Deshefy-Longhi, DNSc, RN
S. Sullivan–Bolyai, DNSc
J. K. Dixon, PhD

Other Original Research

Applying a Model of Program Adaptation to the Familias Fuertes Parent/Adolescent Educational Intervention for Latino Immigrant Families in the Rural South
Cecilia Azziz-Baumgartner, BSN, MS
Lynda Law Wilson, MSN, PhD

Negotiating Peace and Power in an Interdisciplinary Research Team: A Case Study
Linda Cox Curry, PhD, RN
David Jenkins, PhD, LCSW
Charles Walker, PhD, RN
Harriet Cohen, PhD, LCSW
Mildred O. Hogstel, PhD, RN, BC

Development and Implementation of a Distance-Learning Certificate Program in Clinical Research Management at International Sites
Carolynn Thomas Jones, MSPH, RN
Lynda Law Wilson, MSN, PhD
Sheree Carter, RN, MSN
Penelope M. Jester, BSN, MPH, CCRC

Predictors of the End of Life in Chronic Kidney Disease: A Pilot Study
Daria L. Kring, PhD, RN
Patricia Crane , PhD, RN, FAHA

Relationship of Nurse Job Satisfaction to Implementation of a Nursing Professional Practice Model
Patricia Newcomb, PhD, RN
Andrea Smith, PhD, RN
Paula Webb, MSN, RN CNAA, BC

The Use of Scheduled Basal Subcutaneous Insulin in Adult Surgical Patients: A Systematic Review of Current Research
Kathy Shaw , MSN, RN, CDE

Initial Validation of the Symptom Cluster of Fatigue, Weight Gain, Psychologic Distress and Altered Sexuality
Margaret Chamberlain Wilmoth, PhD, MSS, RN, FAAN
Elizabeth Ann Coleman, PhD RN, AOCN
Holly Tillman Wahab, MSN, RN