Succession Planning and Nominations

2021 Elections
The two-year term of office begins in February 2022


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Are you intrigued by the current Board vision for our Society?
To lead transformation of health outcomes through nursing research.

Can you imagine ways you could contribute to the Board’s vision for its work to ensure continuing organizational excellence?
The SNRS leadership group builds on valued organizational traditions while continuously and creatively positioning the organization to better meet the mission and more effectively respond to the evolving needs of current and future members.

If so, the Succession Planning and Nominations Committee of SNRS is seeking members who have been members of the Society for at least two years and who have passion, energetic enthusiasm, and commitment to contribute to the vitality and growth of SNRS for the below open positions.  The strategic leadership of SNRS begins with our elected officers and directors. Volunteer leaders of associations take on those roles because of their passion, energetic enthusiasm, and commitment to the organization and its purpose.

Available Officer Positions:

  • President-elect
  • Three director positions (members-at-large) are open: Director of Communications, Director of Development, and Director of Grants and President-elect. In addition, two members are elected to the Succession Planning and Nominations Committee.

Term length:

Officers serve for a two-year term of office (2022-2024).  The leadership opportunities that are available begin in 2022 at the Annual Conference.

Overview of SNRS Elected Officers and Board Members-at-Large

An important opportunity for members is that of serving on the Governing Board of SNRS. The SNRS Governing Board consists of the officers (President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) and six directors (Development, Communications, Grants, Career Development, RIGs, Membership).

This leadership group sets goals, priorities, activities, and future direction of the Society. It establishes the major administrative policies governing affairs of the Society, oversees the finances of the Society, and transacts the Society’s business, both internal (e.g., conferences) and external (networking with other research-intensive nursing organizations). The regional research organizations have moved to the forefront of research leadership in the nation.

Members of the Governing Board participate in two in-person board meetings, on-site the first day of the conference and an early fall meeting, participate in 4-6 Board conference calls (unless more are needed), interact with SNRS committees as appropriate, and carry out their assigned responsibilities in an ongoing manner.

The following positions will be filled by election in fall 2021, with a term of office from February 2022- February 2024.

President-Elect: The primary responsibilities of the President-Elect are to prepare for assuming the presidency, conduct meetings in the absence of the president, monitor and oversee the implementation of the strategic plan and manage the leadership academy program.  Recent past experience on the Governing Board is needed for this position.

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Director Positions (Members-at-Large) (3 openings): Participate in the deliberations and leadership activities of the Governing Board and carry out specific designated responsibilities.

  • Director of  Communications
  • Director of Development
  • Director of Grants

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Nominations Committee Members (2 openings): Responsible for all aspects of Society elections and succession planning. Ideally, Succession Planning and Nominations Committee members are connected to a large network of people, friendly, able to ask people to run for office; knowledgeable or willing to become knowledgeable about the organization and the responsibilities of elected officers and Board members.

Nominating Information:

Completed nomination materials are due October 6, 2021Self-nomination is encouraged. Notification of selection to appear on the ballot will occur by October 2021. 

Nomination materials include:

  1. Completed nomination/consent to serve form which includes a brief (limit of 200 words) campaign statement to be used on the ballot. The campaign statement should include a brief summary of your research experiences, your prior leadership experiences, and your reasons for seeking a leadership position in SNRS.
  2. Upload your current CV and headshot in the completed nomination/consent to serve form.

If selected by the Succession Planning and Nominations Committee to appear on the ballot, you will be notified by October 2021. 

Election Information: 

Electronic balloting will be open for three weeks. The election is by majority vote as described in the bylaws. Election results will be announced in early December and newly elected Governing Board members will begin their responsibilities at the end of the 2022 Annual Conference. 

Frequently asked questions:

Am I paid to serve in an elected position? No, SNRS is operated by a volunteer Board and a paid management firm. SNRS members are not paid to serve in Board positions or on committees.

How much time will it take? This is somewhat dependent on the position. Board conference calls are held about once a month. Some activities (such as member awards and grants) have periods of inactivity and periods of intense activity. Most board members spend at least a couple of hours each week on SNRS related business.

What are the requirements to run for office? The bylaws specify that to run for elected office, at a minimum, one must have been a member of SNRS for at least two years. The Succession Planning and Nominations Committee recommends a slate of candidates to the Governing Board based on an effort to ensure wide geographic and employment diversity, as well as ensuring that the best qualified are on the ballot.

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