Vice President 2023-2025 Nominees

Hyochol “Brian” Ahn, PhD, MSN, MS-ECE, MS-CTS, APRN, ANP-BC, FAAN
Professor and Associate Dean for Research
Florida State University College of Nursing

As the Professor and Associate Dean for Research at Florida State University, I wish to express my interest in applying for SNRS Vice President. I’ve completed several leadership programs from prestigious organizations, such as Society of Behavioral Medicine Leadership Institute and American Association of College of Nursing (AACN)-Wharton Executive Leadership Institute, and I have been continuously involved in the SNRS activities. I have served as SNRS Grant Director, SNRS Succession Planning and Nominations Committee member, and Chair of the SNRS Aging/Gerontology RIIG. At the national level I have served as a National Advisory Board member in the Department of Veterans Affairs, American Academy of Nursing’s Edge Runners National Advisory Council, American Nurses Association’s National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing, and Chair of the Long-Term Care Section at the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics World Congress. For research activities, I have been continuously funded since 2011 as a principal investigator, including NIH R01 funding and produced more than 70 peer-reviewed publications. I have served as a grant reviewer at several levels, including the National Institute on Health, Department of Defense, and Department of Veterans Affairs. I have also served as the Editor-in-Chief for Asian/Pacific Island Nursing Journal, Editor for the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Brain Function for Symptom Management Section, Associate Editor for the Frontiers in Pain Research, and Guest Editor for the Journal of Clinical Medicine. Additionally, I have extensive mentoring experience in professional development for students, and postdoctoral fellows across nursing and medical school programs.

I fully embrace SNRS’s mission to advance nursing research, and my experiences in various leadership positions will position me well to help propel SNRS’s vision to lead transformation of health outcomes through nursing research.

Lenora Smith, PhD, MSN, BSN, ADN
Associate Professor
University of Alabama in Huntsville

As a member of SNRS for many years, I have always been inspired and encouraged by the members of the association as well as the board. I feel that becoming involved in an organization is important not only to the profession of nursing, but for the organization being served as it conveys a sense of belonging. I have been involved in SNRS for most of my membership, first as the Editor of the newsletter (Southern Connections), as the Doctoral Student Network Chair, as the Aging RIIG chair, and a member of the Succession and Nomination and Program Planning Committees. I love the organization and the science it promotes for the nursing profession. Membership is a huge part of what and who we are as an organization and I feel that we need to encourage more participation by students from all levels, especially at the BSN level. We also need to promote our organization to the clinical nurses; having DNPs present their work is one place we can start. Helping our PhD scientists collaborate with the DNPs is an excellent way to get the science to the bedside, which is where it needs to be for improvement of outcomes. It is through advocating of science that captures the imagination of young minds that draws more people into contributing to the scientific endeavor which allows our organization to thrive.

As Vice President, I would work with the membership chair to see how we can get more students and clinical members involved in the organization. I would work with the board to identify other areas where we could excel and make our membership and the organization strong and vibrant. I would be honored and humbled to serve as the Vice President of SNRS and get other motivated and enthusiastic members involved in our organization.

Director of Career Development 2023-2025 Nominees

Marie Adorno, PhD, APRN, CNS, RNC-MNN, CNE
Director of Nursing Research Doctorates
Louisiana State University Health New Orleans School of Nursing

I have been a Registered Nurse for 40+ years and a Nursing Educator for 25+ years. I am a Parent-Child Clinical Nurse Specialist, an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse; certified as a Maternal Newborn Nurse from the National Certification Corporation for the Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing Specialties, and a Certified Nurse Educator from NLN. As the Director of the Nursing Research Doctorates at Louisiana State University Heath New Orleans and a consultant/member of research advisory committees for local hospitals, I collaborate and engage in research and scholarly activities that impact nursing students and clinical nurses at all levels of practice to facilitate improving patient outcomes.I am an active member in nursing professional organizations. In my role as Past President (2017-2019) of the Epsilon Nu Chapter of Sigma and Chair of the Research Committee for Epsilon Nu Chapter, I have assisted with collaboration amongst the nursing community to facilitate dissemination of nursing research. I have also served as a judge for poster presentations at a local hospital’s Annual Evidence Based Practice Research Day. I currently serve as Co-Chair of the Research Scholarship Day Planning Committee for the Epsilon Nu at-large Chapter, and I also serve on the SNRS Planning Committee for the 2023 Annual Conference. I have mentored registered nurses and undergraduate and graduate students to assist with achievement of their educational and career goals. My collaboration with nursing colleagues in both academic and practice settings include conducting research and disseminating findings to influence both positive patient care outcomes and student success which is congruent with the mission of the Society to Advance Nursing Research.

I fully embrace SNRS’s mission to advance nursing research, and my experiences in various leadership positions will position me well to help propel SNRS’s vision to lead transformation of health outcomes through nursing research.

Kyungeh An, PhD. RN, FAHA, FAAN
Professor, Director of PhD Program
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

I have been a member of SNRS for 15 years. I have served on multiple committees, including the Nomination and Grant Review, and have chaired the Biobehavioral Research RIIG. Along with the growth in my research and scholarship career in cardiovascular nursing, I continue serving through the science organizations such as the American Heart Association, International Stoke Conference, Congress of Advancement of Nursing Science, and SNRS.

Currently, I am the program director of my institution, where I work extensively on the professional career development for doctoral students and faculty. I have also been invited to foreign institutions to provide my doctoral education and career development expertise. My passion for mentoring and career development is based on my experience witnessing my colleagues who have been successful in their careers versus those who were not very productive or successful. What makes so much difference?

I emphasize the importance of the Individual Developmental Plan (IDP) for Ph.D. & DNP students as a tool to optimize effective career development. Also, a strategic plan to optimize individuals’ growth and development, particularly in leadership, is critical while we face gaps in administration between generations nationwide. Therefore, I decided to run for the director position at SNRS to expand my contribution to the future of nursing by working with my long-time colleagues across the Southern Region.

Director of Membership 2023-2025 Nominees

Juan Feng, PhD, MSN, MA, BS
Assistant Professor
University of Texas Medical Branch

I would like to apply to become the Director of Membership. I have been a member of SNRS since 2016. I presented a poster presentation during the 2021 SNRS Virtual Conference. I have attended multiple annual conferences. I would like to serve my peers by becoming the Director of Membership. I’m a very organized person and believe I have what it takes to do a good job in this position. I’m very passionate about this organization. Hopefully, with my contribution, we can make it a better experience for all the SNRS members.

Jolly Joseph,
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

My educational passion has brought me a great understanding of not just clinical nursing, but how to be proactive and be successful as a leader and nurse scientist . The theories, management styles, and communication skills I have learned during both my professional and personal life are invaluable. I feel prepared to take the next step in volunteering as a leader and have the necessary skills to excel as a SNRS leader.

Mercy Ngosa Mumba, PhD, RN, CMSRN
Associate Professor and Director, Center for Substance Use Research and Related Conditions
Capstone College of Nursing, The University of Alabama

I am an Associate Professor and the Founding Director of the Center for Substance Use Research and Related Conditions at the University of Alabama Capstone College of Nursing. I have been a member of SNRS since 2012. I was the recipient of the 2020 SNRS Early Science Investigator Award. I have served in many capacities, including Secretary of the Student Network, member of the Communications Committee, and Editor of the Southern Connections Newsletter. Most recently, I have had the great honor of serving SNRS as Director of Membership for 2021-2023.

I’m running for re-election as the Director of Membership because I believe I have made significant contributions to the organization and would like to continue this momentum. During my tenure, I have participated in the organization bylaw amendments. Additionally, to streamline the roles of the state liaisons, I have created subcommittees, which improve operational effectiveness and allow for the distribution of responsibilities for optimized outcomes. My focus for the upcoming term will be to promote an environment of inclusion and belonging, provide meaningful opportunities for members to engage with the organization, and foster the growth of the organization and our members alike. As an emerging leader in nursing, I continue to bring innovation, passion, and enthusiasm to this role. My experience with other leadership positions gives me the necessary tools I need to be successful. Outside of my leadership roles in SNRS, I have served as Sigma Theta Tau Epsilon Omega Chapter Vice President, Member of the Research Steering Committee for the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, and Sigma Liaison to the United Nations, where I represent Sigma nurses from over 90 counties at the United Nations.

Director of RIIGs 2023-2025 Nominees

Miriam Ezenwa, PhD, MSN, BSN. RN, FAAN
Associate Professor
University of Florida College of Nursing

I am an associate professor at the University of Florida, College of Nursing with research expertise in reducing health disparities in pain management in people with sickle cell disease (SCD) or cancer. Results of my research initiated a paradigm shift in SCD pain management, from a heavy reliance on addictive opioid analgesics to use of complementary therapies with low-risk and minimal side effect leading to a sustained program of research funded by six NIH institutes, with substantial extramural funding in excess of $23.7 million. I have a sustained record of research dissemination with 58 articles in top tier journals, 13 published abstracts, two invited international presentations, and 127 competitive presentations. In recognition of my contributions to health disparities in pain management research, I received three major research awards for (1) research in diverse populations, (2) pain and symptom management research, and (3) research dissemination. I am the Interim Director of SNRS Research Interest and Implementation Groups (RIIGs). I was the past chair of the SNRS Minority Health (MH) RIIG and served as the co-chair for three years. Under my leadership as MH RIIG Chair in 2021, I started the highly successful monthly MH RIIG meetings. I developed a strategic plan for the RIIG with four task forces installed to meet each of its four objectives. I serve in the social media task force, charged with improving its visibility. For the past three years, I have organized and moderated a symposium for the MH RIIG during the Annual SNRS Conference. I am seeking to continue as the SNRS Director of RIIGs to contribute my expertise pertinent for steering the synergistic efforts of the RIIGs in support of SNRS achieving its vision, “To lead transformation of health outcomes through nursing research.”

Leanne Lefler, PhD, ACNS-BC, APN
Associate Dean for Research, Professor, Loewenberg Endowed Chair of Excellence

I am asking for your support as I apply for the following Board position, Director of Research Interest and Implementation Groups (RIIGs). I have been an active member of SNRS for over 15 years and served on the Board of Directors for six years previously as Secretary and as Director of Development. I also served on other committees within the organization such as Communications, Program, and Nominations Committees, along wither serving as Director of the Gerontology RIIG. I am well experienced within the organization and have been enriched and energized by it.

I am the Associate Dean for Research and Professor at the Loewenberg College of Nursing at the University of Memphis where I hold the Loewenberg Endowed Chair of Excellence. My research work in cardiovascular disease health promotion and heart failure self-management using technology is nationally recognized. I have received funding from NIH, PCORI, and foundations and have been awarded more than $7 million in combined grant funding over the years. I hold fellowships in the American Academy of Nursing and the American Heart Association (AHA) and serve on the Healthcare Industry Council of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Advisory Council for Systems of Care for the AHA. These experiences support my dedication to the profession and to the science.

If I am elected as the new Director of the RIIGs, I will work to maintain and to increase communication, collaboration, and excitement for RIIG activities. Facilitating the career development of SNRS members is a core function of the RIIGs and I feel I have the ideal background to support all facets of this role.

Succession Planning and Nominations Committee 2023-2025 Nominees

Benita Chatmon, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE
Assistant Dean for Clinical Nursing Education
LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing

I am the Assistant Dean for Clinical Nursing Education and Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing at LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing. I also hold an appointment at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans as nurse researcher and an appointment in the school of Graduate Studies. I have been a registered nurse for more than 15 years and a nurse educator for the past 13 years. I have had the privilege of interacting with thousands of students in both didactic and clinical settings. I have extensive experience as a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) through the National League for Nursing (NLN). I am a certified Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor. Previously I served as the Faculty Organization Chair in the LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing and have been a member of several committees focused on the education of nursing students.

I have made exemplary contributions to the profession of nursing through service and mentoring, currently serving as President of Epsilon Nu at Large Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, as well as President-Elect for Louisiana State Nurses Association. Additionally, I am active serving as a member of the Louisiana Action Coalition, the Board of Trustees for the Louisiana Nurses Foundation, and the Board of Trustees for CrescentCare, a Federal Qualified Health Center (FQHC). I serve on national committees and boards to include the Association of Black Nursing Faculty and National Black Nurses Association. Regarding the Nominating Committee role, I have served as Chair of the Leadership Succession Committee (Sigma) with direct responsibilities for developing and selecting potential chapter leaders, as well as experience with preparing the ballot. I understand the leadership characteristics associated with effective board members and the knowledge on identifying diverse and qualified candidates for leadership positions.

Victoria Menzies, PhD, APRN, FAAN
Associate Professor with Tenure
University of Florida College of Nursing

I am an SNRS fan, presenting my first poster session as a doctoral student at the Annual Conference. While a doctoral student, SNRS initiated the pre-conference workshops geared towards doctoral students. I was an enthusiastic advocate and, I hope, a meaningful contributor to that effort. Since then, I have gone on to develop a biobehavioral research trajectory that has included developing symptom management interventions for persons diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This has transitioned into working with public health colleagues to explore social determinants of health impact symptoms. In brief, SNRS was a key learning ground for my professional development as the nurse researcher and leader that I am today. I have been an active participant in both nursing and interdisciplinary organizations. A few examples include serving as chair of the Beta Kappa Chapter of STTI. As a member of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR), I have served on the Government Affairs Committee and as a member of the ACR Legislative Support Committee (RheumPac). I have consistently joined interdisciplinary colleagues on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to advocate for the health of rheumatology patients. I currently serve as a member of the ACR Foundation Review Panel assisting in the mission to fund rheumatology-related research. I have also served on a Policy & Operations Committee with the Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science (CANS). When I think about those who founded SNRS in 1986, and their mission of “disseminating and utilizing research findings, facilitating nurse and student development as researchers, promoting nursing science, and enhancing communication among members” I am inspired. It would be an honor to contribute to the ongoing success of SNRS by actively engaging as a member of the Succession Planning and Nominations Committee.

Deonni Stolldorf, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor
Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

My passion for research and mentoring aligns well with SNRS’ mission to foster the utilization and dissemination of research findings and developing the field of nursing science and supporting the career development of nurses and nurse scientists. My research focuses on advancing the field of health services research in the areas of implementation and dissemination of healthcare interventions. I have led research to investigate contextual factors, assess implementation strategies and outcomes, develop sustainability measures, and assess clinical and implementation outcomes of patient safety interventions (medication reconciliation, rapid response teams, patient medication knowledge, breast cancer survivors).

I currently serve as Dual-Principal Investigator on a PCORI-funded study investigating the implementation of a self-care coaching intervention for patients with acute heart failure discharged from the Emergency Department. I am also Co-I on an NHBLI-funded study to implement a clinical decision support tool to inform the disposition of patients presenting to the ED with acute heart failure. Mentoring graduate students/post-doctoral fellows to train and equip nurse scholars to effectively change healthcare and healthcare systems and advance the science of nursing is a key part of my work. My leadership experiences include serving as Chair of our School of Nursing Program Evaluation Committee and as board member and subsequent Vice-Chair, Chair, and Past-Chair (2018-2021) of the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Nursing Issues (IRGNI). Using the philosophical approach of servant leadership, I will serve the SNRS Chair, board members and the larger community by valuing diverse opinions, building relationships, developing trust, and supporting the development of future SNRS leaders.

It would be my privilege to serve in this capacity and I believe I have the capacity, skills, knowledge, and social capital to do and do it well.